bangladesh academy for securities markets

(Academic Wing of Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission)

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Lecture Topic


Ø  Process & Procedures of Capital Raising through IPO, IQIO, RPO, and Right Issue Rules, and its related Rules; and

Ø  Capital Raising through the issuance of Debt Securities (Bond, Green Bond, Shariah Bond, etc.) and its related Rules.


Ø  Issuer-related rules in the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Rules, 2020 (including special audit); and

Ø  Small Capital Companies (SME), Alternative Trading Board (ATB)


Ø  Substantial Acquisition Rules and Compliance of Price Sensitive Information (PSI), Material Information and Insider Trading, and its related Rules; and


Ø  Regulatory Compliance on Corporate Governance Code, 2018;

Ø  Related Party Transactions and Disclosures (IAS 24);

Ø  Related Party transactions covering in Securities Laws;

Ø  (Notification No. BSEC/CMRRCD/2009-193/2/Admin/103; and Notification No. SEC/CMMRRCD/2006-159/Admin/02-10-)


Ø Listing of different securities, and continuous compliance requirements under Listing Regulations and different Notifications, Directives, Orders, Circulars, etc. of BSEC (2%, 30%);


Ø  Frequent Non-compliances of listed companies and Digital Submission & Dissemination Platform of DSE


Ø  Process and Procedures of Exit Plan including non-voluntary delisting.


Ø Compliance of Hybrid AGM and e-Voting, Independent Scrutinizer report, Declaration of Dividend and Distribution report, Settlement Regulations & Notifications for category adjustment;

Ø  Share transfer/transmission/off market transaction;

Ø  Matched Transactions & single sided Transactions;

Ø  Confiscation Process;

Ø  Block Module.


Ø  Process & Compliances of Merger & Amalgamation/Acquisition;

Ø  Demerger (spin-off); (Case study ACI)

Ø  Backdoor Listing. (Case study RN)


Ø  CDBL Operations: Issuers’ perspective (Pledge Set-up, unpledge, operation of block module, Post-IPO CDBL Function, Corporate Actions, Suspense BO A/C, CMSF)

Company Secretary, Chief Financial Officer and Managing Director/ CEO of the Issuer Companies.

Course Duration

12 Hours

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