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Topics covered








Introduction to Mutual Fund

Definition of Mutual Funds


Reasons for Fluctuations in NAV

Effect of Distributions on a fund’s NAV

Mutual Fund Classifications: Open-end fund and closed-end funds

Types of Mutual Fund

History of Mutual Fund in Bangladesh

Development of mutual fund Industry in Bangladesh

Evolution, Prospects, Challenges and Performances of Mutual fund in Bangladesh


Mutual fund industry : International Scenario

Securities and Exchange Commission (Mutual Fund) Rules, 2001

Mutual fund and mechanism of mutual fund

Registration of mutual fund

Formation of mutual fund and management

Provisions regarding trustee, AMCL and custodian

Scheme of mutual fund

Dividend payment and relevant issues

NAV calculation and restrictions

General responsibilities of a mutual fund







Advantages of Mutual fund

Portfolio Diversification

Professional Management

Reduction of risk

Reduction of transaction costs

Tax Benefit

Suitability of open –end fund for retail investor

Risk Profiling

Risk in different types of mutual fund

Understanding Risk tolerance

Investment plan and services

Accounting and Performance of Mutual Fund

-          Benchmark determination

-          Calculation of fund value: NAV

-          Dividend payment and relevant issues

-          Measuring performance of fund: indicators

-          Tracking Fund performance

Capital Market Intermediaries. 

Course Duration

6 Hours

Objectives: This program will make participants understand the concepts, mechanisms, regulatory environment, and performances of mutual fund products in Bangladesh. It will also enable the participants to assess and select appropriate investment instruments.

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