bangladesh academy for securities markets

(Academic Wing of Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission)

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1.         Introduction to IFRS/IAS/BFRS Standards, Conceptual Framework of Financial Reporting, Status and Practices of Accounting Standards around the World and in Bangladesh.


2.         Presentation of Financial Statements, Selection of Accounting Policies and Estimates.


3.         Accounting for Assets: Property, Plant and Equipment, Intangible Assets, Investment Property, Inventories, Lease, Non-Current Assets.


4.         Accounting for Liabilities: Provision, Contingent liabilities, lease liabilities, Income Taxes, Employee benefits, Share based payment.


5.         Accounting for Financial Instruments: Recognition, Measurement and Disclosure of Financial Instruments.


6.         Accounting for Revenue Recognition: Revenue from contracts with customers, contract costs.


7.         Preparation and Presentation of Consolidated and Separate Financial Statements.


8.         Financial Statements Analysis and Securities Valuation.

Capital Market Intermediaries. 

Course Duration

twelve hours

Objectives: By the end of this training course, the participants are expected to learn:

Key principles (conceptual framework) of Financial Reporting.

The financial reporting standards applicable to key elements of financial statements.

The disclosure requirements for organizations in financial reports and notes.

The aspects related to consolidated financial statements including subsidiaries associates and joint arrangements. 

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