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(Academic Wing of Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission)

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Lecture Topic


Digital Transformation and Financial Services in Bangladesh

Explore the impact of digital disruption in the financial sector, the evolution of financial technology, generational shifts in attitudes toward fintech, the concept of trust as it applies to fintech, and potential fintech opportunities in your company or industry.


Digital Payments and Marketplace Lending, Personal Banking and AI

Learn about the history of payment methods and current global trends for remittances, including the credit card payment system, the complexities of the payment process, details on lending to small businesses offering consumer credit, and the challenges of implementing a disruptive technology.

Compare the actual versus the perceived value of robo-advisors and know what to expect next in AI, learn the value of peer-to-peer lending, gain insights into AI applications and machine learning in fintech, and plan to automate a task in your business.


Block chain and Crypto currency

Identify how bit coin and block chain work in practice; compare different uses of block chain; and articulate a strategy for using block chain in finance.



Learn terms and concepts related to financial regulation and fintech; analyze the impact of the Great Recession of 2008 on regulations; and gain a broad view of state, national, and international regulation of block chain and crypto.

Capital Market Intermediaries. 

Course Duration

12 Hours


This training program details the current state of fintech. It will lead the participants from an overview of how technology is revolutionizing the financial sector to the intricacies of international compliance and the complexities of block chain. It also analyzes what could be coming next in fintech of both Money market and Capital market.

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