bangladesh academy for securities markets

(Academic Wing of Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission)

Training Info

Topics to covered:

1.      Financial System and Financial Markets of Bangladesh

2.      Securities Markets Structure: Intermediaries, Regulatory Framework

3.      Security Markets Operation

4.      Equity and Debt Instruments of Security Market

5.      শুদ্ধাচার and AML and CFT issues Related to Security Markets

6.      The Contract Act, 1872, The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 and Major Payment Systems of Bangladesh Bank

7.      Process of Foreign Trading in Bangladesh Capital Market and DP Related Compliance Issues & Relevant CDBL by laws, E-KYC

8.      Financial Statement Analysis

9.      Securities and Exchange Ordinance-1969, Different Orders/Directives/Notifications of BSEC and Relevant Forms/Report

10.  Securities and Exchange Rules, 2020

11.  BSEC, DSE and CSE  (TREC) Rule, 2020 and Securities and Exchange Commission (Stock Dealer, Stock Broker and Authorized Representatives) Rules, 2000

12.  BSEC (Qualified Investor Offer by Small Capital Companies) Rules, 2018 & BSEC (Short-Sale &  Risk Based Capital Adequacy) Rules, 2019

13.  Margin Rules, 1999, Amended Dhaka Stock Exchange (TREC Holders’ Margin) Regulations, 2013 and BSEC (Clearing & Settlement) Rules, 2017

14.  wmwKDwiwUR I G·‡PÄ Kwgkb (myweav‡fvMx e¨emv wbwl×KiY) wewagvjv, 1995; wmwKDwiwUR I G·‡PÄ Kwgkb (D‡jøL‡hvM¨ msL¨K ‡kqviAR©b, AwaM«nY I KZ©…Z¡ M«nY) wewagvjv, 2018; wmwKDwiwUR I G·‡PÄ Kwgkb (evRvi m…wóKvix) wewagvjv, 2017

15.  Communication and Marketing Skills of Authorized Representatives

16.  DSE Automated Trading Regulations, 1999, DSE Mobile Apps Features and Chittagong Stock Exchange Trading Regulations, 1998

17.  Stock Exchange (Investors’ Protection Fund Regulations), 2014 & Fundamentals & operational procedure of ATB Market

18.  Surveillances System of BSEC, Arbitration and Dispute.

Target Participants: Authorized Representatives of Capital Market.

Course Duration

30 Hours


1. To acquaint the participants with the structure and composition of financial markets.

2. To enhance the Financial and Operational skills of participants regarding Capital Market.

3. To familiarize the participants with the legal aspects of Capital Market.

4. To uplift their standard of communication, ethical norms and behaviors.


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