bangladesh academy for securities markets

(Academic Wing of Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission)

Major programs conducted by BASM are:

1. Training for Authorized Representative.
2. Investors’ Education and Orientation Program.
3. Capacity Development for Institutional Executives.
4. Financial Capacity Development for Non-Finance Executives.
5. Establishment of Knowledge Club for developing and implementing innovative ideas in the capital market.
6. Knowledge Club of BASM will also work as a liaison between BASM and University authorities for organizing seminars and workshops on university campuses.
7. Organizing Outreach Program for different divisional investors’ throughout the country.
8. Organizing Public Lecture, Memorial Lecture, Workshops and Seminars, on contemporary issues relevant to the economy and capital market.

The program list is not exhaustive. BASM will conduct any other programs as per the directives of the Bangladesh Securities and Exchange Commission. BASM is hopeful about expanding financial education to the root level and fulfilling the financial education needs of capital market participants. We solicit the kind cooperation of all stakeholders in our endeavors.